Member Services


Business Advocacy

  • Advocacy for business interests and needs

  • Reviewing state legislation and local ordinances impacting the business community

  • Liaison with City and State elected officials

  • Grass Roots Information / Education / Issues

  • Resolutions and active support of business issues on local & state ballots

Member Services

  • Healthcare Premiums Discounts

  • Workers’ Compensation Group Rating

  • Discount in County-wide Business Expo

  • Free Notary Service

  • Small Business Start-Up Information

  • Small Business Counseling

  • Local maps

  • New resident / relocation packets promoting Chamber members

  • Advertising / Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Medina County Safety Council

  • Referrals

  • Web Page link to individual businesses

  • Newsletter

  • County Wide Membership Directory

  • Mailing Lists and Labels

  • Member Discounts

  • Networking

  • Monthly meetings on relevant, timely topics

  • Golf Outing

  • EmpowHER Women in Business Conference

  • Young Professionals Association (YPA)

Economic Development

  • Workforce Development

  • Industrial Guides

  • Plat Books (unavailable until Spring 2015)

  • Safety Council

  • Demographics

  • Certificates of Origin (Industry)

  • Contributions to local efforts to attract and retain new business and industry

  • Provides co-op advertising opportunities

  • Makes referrals to members

  • Works closely with government to maintain the uptown viability

  • Addresses infrastructure, parking and traffic concerns

  • Provides small-business counseling and discount opportunities

  • Linking area businesses for Business to Business Capital Products Purchasing, Operational Products and Production Products

  • Influencing Consumer Behavior

  • Providing community gift certificates

  • Discount programs

  • Infrastructure: Fiber Optic access, roads, storm water sewer

  • Safety Training

  • Human Resource Training

  • Tax incentive program

  • Education and training workshops and seminars



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