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Mar 2017
The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce is excited to introduce our new ambassador committee!  The energy and enthusiasm from this group is AMAZING!  We are excited to watch this team work its magic!

Meet some of the team:
Marjorie Cook, Eyedeal Graphics
Business Development
Marjorie loves the square and the people of Medina.  She has been with Eyedeal Graphics for 11 years.  In her spare time she enjoys cooking and baseball. The thing she loves most about her work is helping people, which makes her a perfect fit for this ambassador squad! 
Patrick McDonald, Hawthorne Suites
General Manager

Patrick’s favorite travel destination is Coco Cay and he loves to relax in his spare time.  He is a terrific fit for our ambassador team as he loves meeting new people and bringing different backgrounds together.  He has been in his current role for 5 months and has already made himself a familiar face in the chamber!
Cheryl Parzych, United Way of Medina County

Cheryl loves the open spaces of Medina.  She has lived and worked here for 1.5 years. Her favorite travel destination is Ireland and she enjoys antiquing when time allows.  Her favorite quote is “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  With that mindset and her community passion, she is a great asset to the ambassador group.
Stacy Neumeyer, PSE Credit Union
Business Development Specialst

Stacy’s position allows her to meet new people and experience something different every day.  Her favorite thing about Medina is the community and she has been a part of it for 10 years.  She loves to travel to Florida and spend time with friends and family whenever she can.  Her outgoing personality and excitement for new things make her an integral part of this ambassador team. 
Paul Nagevicius, Select Security
Account Specialist

Paul has been providing peace of mind and safety in his role for three years.  He loves the Medina square and has lived here for over 16 years.  Golf is his spare time passion and his dedication to his clients and to the many committees he serves on in this Chamber will shine through in his new role as chamber ambassador.

Diana Fretwell, ICNS

Diana has been able to help people for over 30 years in her role at ICNS.  She has lived in Medina for 10 years and loves the square.  She enjoys gardening and spending time with her grandkids in her spare time.  She never turns down a trip to Florida in the winter and her warmth and desire to help people will be on display in her role as chamber ambassador.
Sam Pietrangelo, Armstrong
Community Marketing Manager

Sam knows that Medina is a great community with great businesses.  He has lived here for 12 years and loves to be involved in the community.  He soaks up as much family time as he can, as family is his favorite hobby.  Sam’s desire to be involved and love for this community make him a terrific fit for the Chamber Ambassador committee.
Posted by Jaclyn Ringstmeier on March 6, 2017 at 2:49 PM
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