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Jan 2011
  As my first official action as the 2011 Chairman of the Chamber, I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our outgoing Chairman, Mr. Mike Baach. It is certainly an honor and a privilege to follow not only in Mike’s footsteps but the footsteps of the many outstanding chairmen that have come before us in serving our membership.
Mike is the epitome of a true leader in that he makes the people around him better. He has certainly made me, as well as the Greater Medina Chamber better during his year as Chairman of the Board. Most importantly, he truly cares about the community in which we live and work. His personal involvement in local issues as well as his hard work as Chairman is certainly testimony to his efforts. Again, thank you Mike!
Moving forward, all I can say is, “Expect great things from your Chamber Board in 2011”. We have a committed group of board members who are willing to sort through and tackle the tough issues on behalf of our membership. This past year these issues have ranged from small, or only effecting one business, to large issues affecting our entire community. I am sure that this coming year will be more of the same.
During our annual meeting, I had a great opportunity to talk with many of our members. Most all used various words to describe a certain feeling they had about the Chamber. I can summarize their comments by simply stating that they feel we have momentum. The dictionary defines momentum as a driving force, or a thrust of energy. I believe that is exactly our role as the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce - to be that driving force behind key issues in our community - key issues that businesses find important.
As Chairman, I will tell you that I fully intend to carry this momentum forward by (1) continue our progress in advocating for local businesses and (2) encourage economic development. Coincidently, these are two areas of focus that directly respond to the survey responses in our October 2010 survey. According to our membership, the top three largest concerns for 2011 on the local, state and federal level were taxes, healthcare cost and the economy.
With all this said, I need your help to achieve our goals. We’re only as strong as our membership and we wish to become an even stronger voice in advocating for our members. If you know of a business in our community who isn’t a member, please encourage them to seek out membership or contact the Medina Chamber for membership information. Becoming a Chamber member not only shows support for our efforts as an organization but most importantly a strong commitment to the community.
Dave Mueller
Posted by Susan Murawski on January 6, 2011 at 2:18 PM
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