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Jul 2011
The Chamber is proud to announce that our Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) has partnered with the Medina City Schools. This is a groundbreaking program that takes students in grades 9-12 through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year. Students do not need to have a business idea, or any business experience, but have to be motivated, excited, and have the desire to “shake things up.”
Over the course of the year, students take all the real and necessary steps to launching an enterprise. Brainstorming ideas, preparing a business plan for their enterprises, pitching their business ideas to real investors at the YEA! Investor Panel presentation, developing marketing materials and preparing to sell their products and/or services to customers at the trade show and elsewhere. As with all entrepreneurs, they learn that new business or non-profit creation requires determination, courage, and motivation.
These lessons take on various forms, and are not limited to classroom lecture. Students work with attorneys, insurers, tax professionals, designers, printers and suppliers. They listen to guest speakers, shadow mentors in the community, and take exciting field trips to reinforce principles and witness applications of the skills taught in class.
Former YEA! students have gone on to form additional ventures and community service projects using the skills they took away from the YEA! program. Others have gone on to attend top universities and business schools, as well as received entrepreneurial-based scholarships. Many graduates say starting a business as a teenager gave them an edge above their peers, both academic as well as professional.
Regardless if students continue on in business, they are learning important skills: public speaking, networking, how to articulately express their ideas, and how to overcome obstacles. Students in YEA! become self-confident, poised leaders.

This first year program will be a pilot and better prepare the Chamber to role this out on a larger scale which is anticipated to include other county school districts. 
If you are interested in becoming involved with YEA! as a mentor, guest speaker, fieldtrip host, or volunteer, contact Debra Lynn-Schmitz at 330-723-8773 or email exec@medinaohchamber.com.

Be a Mentor! Business mentors work with an assigned student business group for six classes, approximately 90 minutes each class. Mentors work hand-in-hand with the students as they create their business plans. They also provide positive but realistic feedback as students prepare for the Investor Panel event. By asking the ‘tough’ questions (and helping them research the answers), mentors proudly watch the business transform from a mere idea to a viable entity.
Be a Guest Speaker! Guest speakers share their expertise with YEA! students. Accountants, attorneys, marketers, social entrepreneurs, technology experts and others share their knowledge and answer student questions. Guest speakers commit to one class visit. They impact the next generation of CEOs!
Posted by Tina Gienger on July 31, 2011 at 12:10 PM
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