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Oct 2011
Lets Vote!
Election day, Tuesday, November 8th, is one a week away. According to the Medina County Board of Elections website, this year’s General Elections will decide the outcome for:
*             3 State Wide Issues
*             31 Medina County Issues
*             24 School Board Member candidates
*             35 candidates for various City Councils/Mayor positions
*             4 candidates for Municipal Judge/Clerk of Courts
Unfortunately, the saying that “Every vote counts” somehow seems to give way to voter apathy every year. To find testament to the importance of every single vote, we don’t have to look any further than Highland School District. This past May, the 6.9 mil Highland School emergency levy passed by exactly 29 votes out of a total of 5,800 ballots cast. Regardless of how you viewed the ballot issue, a ½ percent margin could have easily swung the other way had a few less ‘yes’ voters, or a few more ‘no’ voters showed up that day. 
The Chamber is a strong supporter of the electoral process and I am proud to tell you that we practice what we preach. We’ve been working hard this year to engage our membership and encourage involvement in the electoral process. We recognize that each Chamber Member is a leader in our community and a vital part of what drives success in Medina County.  This year, the Chamber Board was proud to have brought you:
1.       The Candidate Academy. This was a series of seminars consisting of six, 90 minutes sessions over a 3 day period. Enrollment was open to both Chamber and non-Chamber members. These informational sessions provided training and background on the skills necessary to run for public office covering topics from budgeting to campaign finances. 
2.       Medina City Candidate Interviews. Local candidates were invited to participate, free of charge, in videotaped interviews. Each candidate was asked a series of questions during these 15 minutes interviews. These interviews were designed to help get the candidates message out to the voters as a public service. The interviews can be seen on www.MedinaTV.org
3.       How I voted and Why. The Chamber hosted a legislative breakfast this past September. Our elected Medina legislatures, including Speaker Bill Batchelder, Senator Larry Obhof and Representative Dave Hall, were asked to talk about why they voted for SB5. 
 Chamber members and business leaders know Ohio's future depends upon a vibrant economy. The local decisions that we make (or don’t make) on November 8th have the ability to affect both our state and local economy. Don’t let voter apathy rule out your voice. It’s our obligation as business leaders not only to vote, but to encourage our employees to do the same.
Posted by Tina Gienger on October 31, 2011 at 9:48 AM
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