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Dec 2011
     The commitment to the concept of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce continues as we approach 2012.  It is a true pleasure to serve as your Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year.  We, the board, are looking forward to a great year despite our unique economic climate.  The economy is slowly getting better and, although there will be challenges; our 2012 business plan has been set in motion with big things to come. 
     I still pinch myself wondering, “How did this happen!”  But how could it not?  I am holding one of the unique honors in the Medina Chamber’s history.  My husband, Rob, held the same role in 1999, under the title of President, making us the first married couple to serve but mine is as Chairman/Chairperson of the Board.  As a resident of Medina for 36 years, and depending on who you talk with, I am a newbie to Medina when it comes to his family.  Rob’s Great, Great Grandfather came to the county in the 1870s and we actually lived in his Great Grandfather’s farmhouse which Robert Lance purchased in 1914.  Chamber wise, we have a history there too.  Sid Lance, Rob’s Grandfather, and Fred Greenwood (step father) were both recipients of the Chamber Hall of Fame award and Fred served as President in 1963.
     For the past 4 years, while serving on the board, I have learned from the experts with so much more experience than I.  These well-informed, knowledgeable individuals make up the Greater Medina Chamber’s board and ex-officios that live and work in our community.  They are continually educating themselves not only at the local level, but on state and federal issues as well.  As members, the board of directors is working on your behalf to stay informed and is dedicated to the success of your Chamber.  As 2012 Chairperson of the Board, it is my allegiance to continue that success for our Chamber as well.
     I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our past Chairman, Dave Mueller.  It has been an honor to observe and learn from him over the past year and, with his guidance, our Chamber has been in goods hands.  This secure, stable environment will remain because of his commitment and his professional leadership.  My objective is to continue the momentum he started during his reign.  Dave’s expert qualities and efforts which he applies in his business have been reflected in the dedication he has for loyal service to the Greater Medina Chamber.  He, as well as the Chamber board, believes in the importance of supporting locally owned businesses that employs local people and is committed to our community.  Thank you, Dave.  The Chamber looks forward to your contribution as you remain as our past chair.
     As a member of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce, I would encourage the business community to stay informed and make sure you are heard.  Please introduce yourself to our board members when you attend a membership meeting.  Pick up the phone, email, or write a letter to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns so they might be taken back to the full board for discussion.  We, the board, are here to help educate, advocate for local businesses, and support economic development.  If you do not participate, how is the Chamber or the board able to represent your interests?  I look forward to serving the membership of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce community and extend my wishes to all for a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Valerie Rapp
Posted by Tina Gienger on December 28, 2011 at 3:12 PM
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