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Feb 2012
     Great News!  The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce has once again been recognized for its efforts by the Chamber Action Alliance (CAA) program as the 2011 recipient for the “Leadership in Grassroots Advocacy Award.”  This is not the first time our Chamber has been recognized for its hard work and dedication to the business community.  The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce received the same honor in 2010 for its 2009 level of participation by its members and its organization.    
     Established in 2007, the CAA program was designed by the Ohio Chamber to encourage local chambers across Ohio to join and become more engaged in legislative advocacy and grassroots activities.  Currently the Chamber Action Alliance consists of 94 local chambers strong.  Each chamber has an opportunity to win the award by accumulating points set forth by the CAA.  Several means are by engaging state legislators at membership events to discuss legislative issues, taking a leadership role in the community to educate others about state and federal issues, engaging and educating chamber members and community on local issues, and providing a resource of expertise on business related policy issues, political issues and grassroots advocacy.
     How did the Chamber win the “Leadership in Grassroots Advocacy Award?”  In 2011 the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce earned its points by conducting a candidates’ school, sponsoring two membership meetings about the State of City and State of the County, and our 2011 chairman of the board, Dave Mueller, narrated taped candidate interviews for the community.  Other accomplishments included a day spent in Columbus visiting with state legislators and a two day fly-in trip to Washington, D.C. talking with our congressman, representatives, and senators (By the way, both trips were paid by your board members at their own expense.).  The Chamber co-hosted a meeting with Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, held a special forum for the Common Sense Initiative (CSI), toured several local plants with our elected officials, discussed and shared our views with the membership and the voting community regarding the school earned income tax levy, and conducted two special legislative meetings with our State officials.  One on SB5 and one on the oil/gas/shale projects.  Yes, there are more.  But as you see, the Medina Chamber has worked hard advocating on behalf of its members, local businesses and the community.  Truly the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce has proven its leadership role as a reliable voice on advocating and educating on behalf of businesses, not only locally, but across the State of Ohio too.
     May 15th is Chamber Day at the Capital.  On that day, our President Debra Lynn-Schmitz will be presented with our Chamber’s award.  To quote the manager of the Grassroots Advocacy from the Medina Chamber’s 2010 award announcement, “They have actively supported those issues that benefit employers, employees and their community, while opposing those that put jobs and our economy in harm’s way.”  A great practice which continues on in 2012. 
     The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce and its board of directors hope you will continue to watch and participate in our efforts to educate the membership and the community.  This year proves to be an exciting one with local issues, governmental topics and how they may impact our businesses, plus the ongoing subject matter regarding oil and gas drilling.
     As a side note – Please don’t forget, March 6th is voting day.  Chamber members, business owners and leaders know Ohio’s success depends on a thriving economy.  I encourage everyone to be a part of the electoral process.
Respectfully yours,
Valerie L. Rapp
Chairperson of the Board
Posted by Tina Gienger on February 29, 2012 at 11:11 AM
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