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Aug 2010
The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce serves member investors, and promotes business interests through economic development, business advocacy and member services which benefit the Greater Medina community. 
The Chamber Board of Directors believes that the Medina Township Zoning Department and Trustees are using valuable resources to harass and disparage the reputation of a local business. Bill Doraty Kia collects sales taxes and pays property taxes that contribute to our local government and schools and has over 50 employees in Medina Township. In addition, Bill Doraty has clearly demonstrated a commitment to the community through contributions and charitable giving.
Bill Doraty has invested thousands of dollars to present a proposed text amendment for the zoning code to assist in reconciling this issue. Mr. Doraty has attempted to resolve this both with and without legal counsel but has not been able to get the Zoning Commission to participate in earnest negotiations in an effort to resolve this issue in a reasonable and responsible manner.
The inflatable decorations on the roof of Bill Doraty Kia do not pose a health or safety problem for the Township or its residents.
The Chamber Board of Directors encourages Medina Township to withdraw the legal action and work with Mr. Doraty to achieve a mutually agreeable solution to permit the inflatable decorations.
Posted by Debra Lynn-Schmitz on August 20, 2010 at 12:15 PM
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