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Jan 2011



Shortly after being sworn into office, Gov. John Kasich’s first order of business was issuing an executive order creating the Common Sense Initiative (CSI). Executive Order 2011-01K gives Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor the authority to establish the Common Sense Initiative Office. Taylor’s responsibilities will include evaluating the economic impact of agency rules and regulations, as well as, serving as a point of contact for Ohio’s small businesses.

The executive order also calls on all agencies, boards and commissions to comply with any requests from Lt. Gov. Taylor or the CSI Office about the economic impact of regulations on businesses.

Other specifics in Gov. Kasich’s first executive order include:

• Improved technology infrastructure for notification of rule/regulatory changes;

• Better written rules that are easier to understand and that, when necessary, clearly define technical terms; and

• An attempt to balance the objective of all rules with the cost of compliance.

The governor’s executive order dovetails on the Ohio Chamber’s efforts to bring meaningful changes to Ohio’s regulatory climate.

Provided by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Redesigning Ohio, the report recently released by the Ohio Chamber, recommends that the state make business regulations more performance based and build support for rules and standards by involving businesses in their creation – things the newly created CSI Office will hopefully look at in modernizing Ohio’s regulatory climate.

Posted by Debra Lynn-Schmitz on January 14, 2011 at 4:57 PM
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