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Mar 2018
The Board of Directors of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce recently met and have taken a position of support for the upcoming Medina County .2% Criminal and Administrative Justice Services sales tax on the May 8th ballot.
Through research, discussion and interviews with officials, the board of directors determined that the increase in the sales tax is necessary to help offset rising costs the County’s criminal justice services. Expenses in this field have continued to climb since 2008, as more State and Federal mandates are issued to the County requiring the County to address the opiate crisis. Supporting the Criminal and Administrative Justice Services sales tax will allow the County to continue to meet the needs of Medina County residents and keep the public safe.

The Board of Directors appreciates that the County maintains a balanced budget and continues to provide the required services that the criminal and administrative justice services address.  The County last levied a tax increase for general operations 46 years ago.  Medina County’s sales tax rate will remain lower than 66 of the 88 counties in Ohio.  The Board of Directors believe that issuing a sales tax, versus income tax, will provide the needed funding increase at minimal discomfort to Medina County residents.
Posted by Jaclyn Ringstmeier on March 19, 2018 at 3:56 PM
Board of Directors


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