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Nov 2011
     Black Friday and Cyber-Monday are over. You may have seen the email that is making its way around about the ‘New American Tradition”. If not, you can Google it and see it for yourself. The point of the email is shopping locally.

     Your shopping habits make a difference. If you are doing all your shopping in a mall, online or out of town then you are contributing to the economy. If you make an effort to spend your money in your community you are making a difference in our local economy. Shopping locally supports jobs, taxes, employers, schools, government and organizations at home.

     Our local businesses contribute to charities, school programs and meaningful programs right here, in your community. Employees pay taxes and support other local businesses.  While you are out doing your holiday shopping, please make an effort to spend some of your money right here. Go out to dinner, get your hair done, or shop in one of our local stores. Let your money circulate through the greater Medina area and make a difference.

     While we’re on the subject of our community there are so many things you can do to make this a memorable holiday season for others. Drop your change in the kettles, make a donation to a local food bank, send that tax deductible contribution to your favorite charity (tax season is right around the corner) and make a difference for someone right here in Medina County.

     Thank you for your support during 2012. I hope we have served you and your business well throughout the year. Thank you to our Board Members and volunteers that have helped us along the way. George Hudnutt (Gazette), Bob Thompson (Town and Country Co-op Medina) and Mike Baach (Philpott Rubber) are completing their two terms (six years). Coleen Morlock (VCS Salon) is leaving after serving one term while she expands her business (and her family).This is a big commitment and we appreciate their time and attention to helping our businesses and community grow and thrive.

     We welcome four new Board Members in December at the Annual Meeting; Mark Dolan (Sandridge Food Corp.), Larry Johns (McJak Candy), Tom McConnell (Discount DrugMart), and Ryan Rose (Dorman-Farrell LLC).

     Have a have a happy, healthy holiday season.
Posted by Tina Gienger on November 29, 2011 at 6:04 PM
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