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Dec 2011
     Happy New Year! Thank you, to our members, our Board and our volunteers for your support and work on behalf of the Chamber and our community.
     On the Chamber’s organizational chart the members are at the top. That is a little different than a usual business chart. That means that the Chamber members own the organization. Although we have up to 20 Board Members and Ex-Officio’s that develop the strategic plan and oversee our fiscal circumstances, and we have staff at the Chamber office, we rely heavily on our volunteers to help us carry out the mission. We have many members that have been actively involved over the years in a number of projects and programs the Chamber has conducted. This year, however, recognized four very special volunteers/leaders that have gone above and beyond in their volunteerism in 2011.
     The first “shout out” goes to our Golf Chair for the past five years. Mike Warner, Sr. with WarnerTech.Net, LLC joined the Chamber in 2003 and since 2006 he has chaired or co-chaired our golf committee. The Chamber’s Golf Outing is our largest fundraiser and the golf committee puts in considerable time and energy to making it a success. We know that we compete with so many golf outings in the community but our golf outing has been going on for about 50 years. Each year Mike has reviewed the details of our golf outing and assisted in helping us find ways to keep our outing fresh and fun. Mike has even included his family, representing two other Chamber members, Michael Warner, Jr. with Warner Technology, Inc. and Kathy Warner with Warner Communication, LTD. Over the past five years our golf outing has raised over one hundred thousand dollars to support the Chamber’s Mission. Thank you, Mike.
     The next volunteer has been a member since 2009. Kathy Breitenbucher, Managing Partner of The Pedestal Group, came on the scene as a Chamber volunteer immediately after joining. Kathy has been Chair of our Program Committee, an Ambassador, a speaker in our technology series, and has an incredible attendance record at our events. Kathy has brought new and fresh ideas to our Chamber programs and has helped us recognize new opportunities on behalf of our members. Thank you, Kathy.
     The next two members are Board Members but this year they went above and beyond their Board responsibilities to implement the new Young Entrepreneur’s Academy or YEA! Jani Davis recognized an opportunity on behalf of Westfield Insurance to participate in a youth education program. In this case, YEA is educating students and helping them create their own business over the course of the school year. Westfield Insurance stepped up to be our Premier Sponsor, making the program a reality.  Thank you, Jani.
     Chad Wilson, with Rapid Marketplace and Chad Allen Consulting, is also a key volunteer in the success of YEA! Chad immediately seized on the opportunity for the Chamber to connect with the High School and stepped in as Champion for the program helping to raise money, recruit volunteers and participating in the YEA sessions. Chad will be helping to fill in as an instructor and help coach the students throughout the program. Thank you, Chad.
     And, last but not least, I would like to thank my team at the Chamber office. Many people think our job is about lunches and shaking hands. They may not be aware of the work the Chamber staff does to make it look so easy. Karen Whitaker has been with the Chamber for almost 30 years. Susan Murawski has been with us 16 years, Tina Gienger for 5 years and Becky Parkhurst for almost a year. The staff is responsible for helping carry out the day to day operations as well as the strategic plan established by the Board. You will see one or more of them at all of our events and they are always happy to greet you whether it is in the office, behind the registration table or moving around the room at an event. So, thank you Karen, Susan, Tina and Becky.
     I look forward to working with all of our volunteers and leaders in 2012.
Posted by Tina Gienger on December 31, 2011 at 2:55 PM
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