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Feb 2013
Come and join us March 21st at Medina High School in the Middle Auditorium from 6-8pm for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) investor panel!
The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is in full swing this year with 17 students from 5 school districts in Medina County working on 12 unique new businesses.  The students begin by identifying their strengths and interests. Many of the entrepreneurs brought an idea when they started in the program and others took their time to identify business opportunities. All of them have attended the classes, completed hours of work outside the classroom and discovered new skills and talents. Already, several parents have commented on the growth and confidence they have seen in their entrepreneurs. 
Westfield Insurance is our premier sponsor and this program is made possible by businesses in our community that have supported us as sponsors, mentors, investors, speakers, instructors, graphic design artists and other volunteers. Several of our local restaurants and food retailers have donated food. All together, the program involves over 40 individual volunteers and as many as 50 businesses.
Each week since early October the entrepreneurs have met with these volunteers for three hours a class.  The entire program will run 30 weeks with topics covering everything from finance, marketing, insurance, sales, legal concerns, to developing business and marketing plans. The students have finished their business plans and will make a presentation requesting start-up funds for their businesses in front of a panel of “investors”.
Each investor on the panel represents a $700 contribution to the entrepreneurs. They are asked to review each of the business plans and sit on the panel to hear each of the presentations. After all of the presentations the panel adjourns to a private area to make their decisions as to how they would like to make their “investment”. They can divide their $700 among several entrepreneurs or make one contribution to one business. The investment is a contribution; the panelist does not own a part of the business or come to the panel expecting to profit from a business.
One student will be chosen by the panel to attend the Saunder’s Scholarship Competition in April in Rochester, NY to compete against YEA! entrepreneurs from around the country for up to $30,000 in scholarship money. The trip and the experience are paid for by the national Young Entrepreneurs Academy.
As of this coming May we will have graduated 30 students through the Medina YEA! over the two years we have conducted the program. We are the only Chamber in Ohio that is participating and we have received national recognition. YEA! also has a relationship with the Shark Tank TV series and the US Chamber of Commerce. We will be developing the 2013-14 programs and looking for sponsors, volunteers, speakers and investors. If you are interested, please contact the Chamber office for more details.
Posted by Susan Murawski on February 18, 2013 at 11:14 AM
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