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Feb 2011


Medina County Port Authority in collaboration with the Medina County Economic Development Corporation announces that the countywide 151 mile fiber optic network which will provide a neutral platform for broadband access has been financed and the project is now under construction. This is a project that the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce has supported.

For those that are interested in attending the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting on May 11 in Columbus, the Chamber will be taking reservations for the keynote speaker, Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Company President & CEO and the Legislative Reception immediately following. By signing up through the Chamber you can attend for $50 versus the $125 per person cost if you sign up directly. For more details visit

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is launching the Campaign for Jobs to promote policies that will Make Ohio Great Again. Ohio needs bold ideas that embrace creativity and innovation. The Campaign for Jobs supports those bold ideas by offering the most aggressive and ambitious agenda the Ohio Chamber has pursued coupled with an intense, ramped-up and focused grassroots program. Designed to tackle huge issues such as reforming state and local government, the restructuring of economic development and reductions to general business costs, the Campaign for Jobs will change Ohio today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

A key component of the Campaign for Jobs - and something businesses in Ohio have been increasingly vocal about - is regulatory reform. Gov. John Kasich, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and the Ohio Legislature are looking at ways to review and improve Ohio's rule making process. In order to collect ideas from you for removing barriers to job creation, Lt. Gov. Taylor recently launched a new website and email address for CSI Ohio, the “Common Sense Initiative.” CSI Ohio is available online at www.governor.ohio.gov/CSI or via e-mail at CSIOhio@governor.ohio.gov. The user-friendly internet site and e-mail address allow visitors to share common sense solutions and sign-up for periodic updates on the progress of CSI Ohio.

Another element of the Campaign for Jobs is the Captains of Commerce. Each Captain of Commerce has the unique opportunity of helping shape public policy in Ohio while serving as a leader within the community. Captains will establish strong relationships with policy makers and become resources for these individuals as they make key decisions. As they get more engaged in the process, their colleagues, friends and neighbors will turn to you for insight and direction. Finally, Captains will be recognized within the chamber world as a critical component of the Campaign for Jobs and instrumental to its success.

Such recognition will raise the stature of Captains and their businesses within their communities. The Ohio Chamber will help provide this recognition while giving vital support from our resources including the Chamber Action Alliance (CAA) program. The CAA is a strong network of 90 local chambers across Ohio partnering with the Ohio Chamber on legislative issues while participating in advocacy.

The Greater Medina Chamber will hold a meeting for prospective Captains of Commerce on Friday, March 18 from noon to 1:30pm. To learn more about the program contact the Chamber office.   

Posted by Tina Gienger on February 28, 2011 at 3:22 PM
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