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Sep 2011
Taxes, healthcare, regulations, infrastructure. On September 21 and 22, six representatives from the Chamber Board conducted our first Washington Fly-In to visit with our elected Legislators. With the help of Greg Tosi, a lobbyist with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, we had the opportunity to meet with Senator Portman’s staff, Senator Brown and Representatives Renacci, Gibbs, Sutton and the staff of Speaker Boehner.
Our message was clear. Government must operate with common sense and a clear vision for creating jobs and giving business a chance to succeed. Business needs the government to open opportunities and consider the impact regulations and laws have on inhibiting or stimulating growth. Uncertainty is restraining business growth and our government is creating that uncertainty by passing legislation and law that creates barriers to economic development, growth and retention of business in order to create jobs that will lift our economy.
We asked them to repeal healthcare reform that did not take into account unintended consequences. We asked them to invest in our deteriorating infrastructure that moves goods and services across our country and into new markets across the globe. We asked them to consider the control agencies such as the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers has over economic development. We asked them not to raise taxes on business and allow business to invest in themselves to create and retain jobs.
We were warmly received by all of the legislators and their staffs and appreciate the time they set aside to hear what we had to say on behalf of business. It is one thing to visit with our Legislators here at home where they are constantly on the move; it is another to spend the time and money to visit them in their office, surrounded by their very capable staff and have their undivided attention for about 15 minutes.
We also spent time with the staff of the US Chamber of Commerce. They briefed us on a variety of business issues and helped us understand the complexity of a process that is confusing and frustrating but holds such a tremendous amount of power over our lives.
Thank you to Michael Baach, Amy Demlow, Valerie Rapp, Ray Seaman and Chad Wilson for taking the time and investing in this Washington Fly-In to represent the Greater Medina Chamber and our regional businesses.
The Chamber conducted interviews with the candidates that will be on the ballot November 8. You can see these interviews on Medina TV (channel 36 and 37 or the corresponding HD channels) at www.medinatv.org and through a link on the Chamber website www.medinaohchamber.com. Please take the time to learn about the issues that will appear on the ballot Nov. 8. For information on Issue 2, SB5, visit the Chamber’s website. We will also post links to other issues.
The Chamber Board of Directors passed a resolution of support for the .5% earned income tax levy for Medina City Schools. Please see the resolution in the October newsletter and online
Posted by Tina Gienger on September 30, 2011 at 10:23 AM
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