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Jun 2011
The Chamber is, as usual, busy. One of our biggest new projects is a partnership with Medina City Schools. Westfield Insurance has stepped up as the primary sponsor for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy or YEA, has you will hear us refer to the program. This new program will bring up to 24 high school students together so that each of them can create a real business during the 2011- 2012 school year. Without going into too much detail now, this program will bring business to an afterschool program in a way we have never experienced before. We are still looking for sponsors, instructors, mentors and speakers for this program. You may even have a student that has a great idea or a strong interest in starting a business. Watch for more details over the next month.
Another new program in which the Chamber is participating is an entrepreneur program administered through Kimberly Rice the Economic Development Director with the City of Medina. Last year the City received a grant to administer a training program for entrepreneurs. This program will bring a nine-week class to the Medina County University Center (MCUC) to teach entrepreneurs how to write and execute a business plan giving them the tools they will need for success. This program will serve as a template and model for future programs that will include Economic Development Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and other organizations that believe in and promote business success.
I am sitting on a committee that is reviewing the City’s zoning code and one that is reviewing the Strategic Plan. Both of these projects recognize the importance of planning for the future of the community and the changes taking place in greater Medina. The City is to be congratulated for seeking a vision for our community.
On June 29 the Chamber will hold the last of the Candidate Training Series. These programs were conducted in cooperation with local elected officials including City Council Member John Coyne, Commissioner Steve Hambley and Medina Township Trustee Michael Todd. Former City Mayor Jane Leaver assisted in addition to a representative from the Secretary of State’s Office. The last two sessions were done in cooperation with experts from Cleveland State University. These programs gave prospective elected officials an opportunity to understand the complexities associated with running for office and the responsibilities that come with a successful election. Our thanks to Rick Green, Attorney, for leading this program.
And if you haven’t noticed, there a number of new businesses opening in the greater Medina area. These businesses are an asset to our community and all of your businesses providing still more opportunities to shop locally.
Although the Chamber is a key partner in these and many other programs, these programs could not take place without the cooperation and collaboration we have with so many other organizations and individuals. That includes you, our investors that contribute so much to the success of our mission. Watch for more programs and opportunities as we continue to look at your needs.
Posted by Tina Gienger on June 24, 2011 at 9:58 AM
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