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Greater Medina Chamber Committee Structure



Business Advocacy/Economic Development

The Business Advocacy/Economic Development Committee focuses its efforts on being the voice for business and economic development for our members. This includes building relationships with our local partner organizations and elected officials to have a positive, pro-business effect for our business community. Seats on this committee are by invitation only, though parties interested in becoming involved in a specific subcommittee are welcome and encouraged to do so.  There are 3 standing subcommittees of Business Advocacy/Economic Development with others created as needed. They are:


  • Community Engagement Committee – The Community Engagement Committee works to connect members with issues of corporate responsibility, seeking to raise awareness and offer opportunities to be involved from a philanthropic perspective.


  • Local & Regional Government Affairs/Economic Development Committee – The Local & Regional Government Affairs/Economic Development Committee focuses on promoting pro-business and quality government at the local and regional levels (including economic development) and mobilize support of, or in opposition to, issues that affect the business community and quality of life.


  • State & Federal Government Affairs Committee – The State & Federal Government Affairs Committee’s mission is to promote pro-business and quality government at the State and Federal level and mobilize support of, or in opposition to, issues that affect the business community and quality of life.



Member Services

The Member Services committee focuses on all things membership. This includes acquiring new members, retaining membership, meetings and topics, events, affinity programs, and sponsorships.  There are six standing subcommittees of Member Services with others created as needed.  They are:


  • Business Development Committee – The Business Development Committee brings members together to provide support for business development and awareness campaigns.  The committee members also support retention efforts through reaching out to new members, contacting those that are 6 months from renewal, and generally promoting the Chamber’s marketing messages.


  • Programming Committee – The Programming Committee is tasked with setting the schedule for monthly member meetings, determining the topic of each meeting and securing the speakers.  They also review the RFPs from venues in October to set the locations for each meeting type.  Programming will also be called upon to create additional events as needed including Hill ‘N Dale shooting event, etc.


  • Golf Committee – The Golf Committee works with both the Medina and Brunswick Chambers to facilitate the golf outing.  With membership from both chambers, a board liaison reports back to the Member Services Chair.


  • WEB-C Committee – The Women Enriching Business Council is a cooperative effort among the Medina, Wadsworth and Brunswick Chambers bringing women in business together monthly to network and build business.  The committee finds the locations and speakers, promotes the organization and facilitates the meetings.  The monthly meetings rotate around the county so all are represented.  This countywide initiative is sponsored by the Medina County Women's Journal.


  • EmpowHer Committee – Launched in 2013, EmpowHer has become a premier women’s event in Medina County.  This female-focused professional development day is usually held in February and the committee handles planning, attaining sponsors, obtaining speakers and vendors, encouraging people to attend, and all logistics at the event.


  • Safety Council – Managed by the Office Manager of the Chamber, the Safety Council is a program offered to businesses that can obtain discounts on their worker’s compensation programs for attendance.  Each month the Office Manager secures a speaker/program and works with the Worker’s Compensation Steering Committee to meet the needs of this group.  There is no membership requirement to attend.




The Marketing Committee is responsible for creating the marketing plan, determining the messaging based on target audience, create the marketing pieces to use in sales and retention efforts, and on-going messaging and communication.

For more information or to join a committee, please contact the Chamber office. 
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