Local & Regional Government Affairs Subcommittee


Committee Members:

  • Chair: Jason Stevenson, The Hoffman Group

  • Jim Conrad, Conrad & Dowdell Productions

  • Jim Gerspacher, Gerspacher Real Estate

  • Bert Humpal, Dyer, Hughes, Roche & Wilson

  • Dave Mueller, ALICE

  • Valerie Rapp, Homestead Insurance

  • Bob Thompson

Committee Roles:

  • Stay current with local issues that may impact members

  • Share information with board and members

  • Suggest position statements to the Board for local issues

  • Candidate interviews for cable TV

  • Meet the school board candidates night

  • Attend city council meetings, school board meetings, etc

  • Candidate school

  • City/regional ED liaison

  • Collaborate with city/regional ED organizations

Goals for 2015:

  • To be determined



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