State & Federal Government Affairs Subcommittee


Committee Members:

  • Chair: Larry Johns, McJak Candy

  • Mike Baach, Philpott

  • Jim Conrad, Conrad & Dowdell Productions

  • Valerie Rapp, Homestead Insurance

  • Ryan Rose, Romeo’s Pizza

  • Bob Thompson

Committee Roles:

  • Stay current with state and federal issues that may impact members

  • Share information with board and members

  • Suggest position statements to the Board for state/federal issues

  • Participate in Ohio Chamber Action Alliance teleconferences

  • Coordinate Washington DC trips

  • Coordinate Columbus trips

  • Plant tours for elected officials

Goals for 2015:

  • Identify new ways to gather and share state/federal information with Greater Medina Chamber Members to keep them informed on issues that could impact their businesses

    • Use discussions and surveys to determine member priorities and needs

    • Participate in Ohio Action Alliance teleconferences to stay current with state issues

    • Participate in Ohio Chamber Day to establish relationships at state level

    • Update Chamber website to provide additional information and access to resources

  • Determine whether a Washington, DC visit this year would be a good use of time and resouces, and if so, coordinate trip

  • Meet with state legislators and staff to advocate on behalf of Medina Chamber members

    • Based on member needs, determine topics and who to meet with and when

    • Share results with members after each meeting



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